Seasons of Hope Center is a wellness and restoration program that     assists women transitioning from various life controlling issues to a     productive and healthy lifestyle.  The program evaluates each     individual person to identify the need for change and provides     education, mentorship, and training to release destructive
    life patterns and choices.  The goal of Seasons of Hope Center is     for each individual to find wholeness through biblical principles and     the knowledge of Christ that can help bring change through good     choices resulting in a healthy, productive and balanced life.      

    Seasons of Hope Center serves women 21 and
    older who are sincere about building a new life grounded in Christ,     changing old habits and learning a new way of living life.


    Seasons of Hope Center (SOHC) was established in 2006 as a     nonprofit organization to create a refuge for women with life     controlling issues that are in need of transitional housing.  SOHC's     program provides housing in a structured setting to create an
    environment that fosters healing and growth for the participants.  
    In 2010, we celebrated the first graduating class of SOHC. Over     the last nine years, many women have experienced healing and 
    freedom as a result of our program.​

P.O Box 154632
Lufkin, TX  75915