Season's of Hope Center's current focus is to provide seven beds
        for housing women in the main dormitory house.  While living at  
        SOHC, the participants primary goals are to build their foundation
        in Jesus Christ, remain sober, become independent and work
        force ready.  The program is divided into two phases.
        Phase I     0-12 months
        SOHC offers a program dedicated to restoring the well-being of the
        whole woman.  We strive to teach coping mechanisms for the daily
        stresses of life and work.  The common living arrangement allows
        the participants to learn to work in unity with others and develop team 
        building relationships.  The key comonents of our program are
        daily morning devotions, Bible Study, Equine therapy, computer
        classes, life coaching and creative arts.  Each participant also
        shares in daily maintenance chores in the common residence as
        well as management of the animals and grounds of our 34 acre     
        property and facilities.

        Phase II     12-36 months
        Participants begin the re-entry process into independent daily living.  
        This begins by seeking employment, managing their personal         finances, strengthening their support system and establishing plans for         moving off property.  Phase II allows the participant to live on property         for an additional 1 - 2 years in an affordable, safe, environment         and work toward full time employment, obtaining a current driver's         license and dependable transportation. 


Key Components of Seasons of Hope Center


                        Equine Therapy is the technique of using horses as a means to provide learning experiences 
                        to promote social, emotional and behavioral  growth.  The horses provide an excellent way                         for our participants to react in a non-intrusive way building trust in a safe environment. 
                        Equine care instills a positive work ethic, responsibility, assertiveness, communication, and healthy                         relationships. It has long been recognized that horses naturally provide these benefits.  


            Season of Hope Center's gardening experience teaches valuable life skills and self sustainability in             seeding, planting, equipment maintenance and managing the gardens. Biblical truths are applied in the 
            setting to teach that decisions have consequences and brings a harvest, just as sowing positive seeds 
            will produce positive results in life. 


            Season of Hope Center's education programs include but are not limited to computer skills, GED training, 
            money management, budgeting skills, nutrition and creative arts.