Seasons of Hope Center
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Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding Proverbs 3:5
Participants will be led through an in-house, six months (minimum), and intensive, Christ-centered discipleship program. Principles for how to be set free from a lifestyle of bondage and addiction will be taught and demonstrated by others who have themselves found freedom from such things. The participants will then be challenged and motivated to begin appropriating what he has learned into his own life and then imparting it into the lives of others. This process will take place in several forums: the classroom, Bible study, church, worship, events, social settings, community service, outreach events, and at work in our in-house business. 

Under the current policy, there are essentially two phases of Seasons of Hope Center 

Phase 1 – Rooted and Established 
(180 days minimum)
  • 1.Introduce the participant to Jesus, the only One who has the power to free her from the bondage of sin, death, addiction, and oppression.
  • 2.Establish the participant in the areas of her understanding, excellent thinking skills, work skills, communication skills, character, and discipline, work ethic, relationship skills, education and moral excellence
  • 3.Give the participant the tools that she will need to live victoriously the rest of her life.
  • 4.Impart a kingdom vision to the participant.
  • 5.Ground participant in the discipleship process and ignite participant to a life style of service, worship, and evangelism.
  • 6.Prepare participant spiritually, emotionally, and financially for transition toward independence.
Phase 2 Second 
(Six months)
  • 1.Decide whether participant will transition out of the home or move toward service within the ministry in internship program
  • 2.Help those to transition out of the home. Help meet their needs of housing, employment, and transportation by providing coordination with other social service agencies, ministries, and the government and possibly by job searching assistance, skills in workshop, clerical skills, resale, customer service, application skills as well as interview skills, etc provided by your facility or partnering agencies
  • 3.The participant will continue her relationship with a disciple.
  • 4.Help the participant get established in a local assembly.
  • 5.Allow the participant to maintain the disciplines of the Christian life with accountability as an essential and with Christ as the focus of her life while maintaining a safe and secure environment that provides stability and accountant ability, while moving forward into the participants/chosen life path and goals
Internship-One year

A Phase II graduate, called an intern, from SOHC who has been called to the ministry and is serving at SOHC and who is in training to be a full-time staff member at SOHC.

Will be committed to full-time ministry at SOHC and will accept God’s call on their lives to serve, being loyal and dedicated to the ministry.

They will discuss their commitment with SOHC and demonstrate that commitment each day by service at SOHC.

Will have the responsibility to pray and “itinerate= (speak/preach/testify) as personal opportunities arise or on behalf of SOHC as requested by the Director.

All interns will report to and be directly responsible to the Director.

Room and board will be provided by SOHC. When on duty away from the home, special arrangements will be made for meals.

Interns will be responsible for exercising proper fiscal responsibility over their own finances and have the greatest integrity possible while being good stewards of all God entrusts to them.

Allow the interns to maintain the disciplines of the Christian life with accountability as an essential and with Christ as the focus of their lives.

Will sign an agree to terms of the internship set forth by the Director as they are presented to the participant